Mission Statement
Beyond All Measures mission is to provide each client with an empowering environment to make changes that will help balance and shape your body,mind and spirit. Our goal is that each person will come to the understanding that Health is the essence of enjoying life and enjoying life is the essence of Health.

I started Beyond All Measures started as an outdoor Boot Camp in 2009 . I was a former elite gymnast, two Olympic trials competitor, two time NCAA uneven bars champion and four-time All-American gymnast. I was also one of the first gymnasts to be a member of the only professional touring gymnastics group in the country. The United States professional gymnastics classic. We traveled over all 50 states in a two-year period from 1980 to 1982.

I  married Rick Murray in 1983 and  we coached as husband and wife team for 25 years, as part owners of Debi & Rick’s school gymnastics in Bridgeville Pennsylvania. We coached 27 girls to Division I scholarships and 25 years coaching experience from preschool to level 10 gymnastics.

After closing Debi and Ricks  I realized I always had a  passion and  commitment for health, nutrition and fitness.  Over the years I have gained experience that I want to share and empower others by giving them the tools to make a lifestyle commitment. My hope is that each client will take these tools beyond their sessions and realize that they can achieve amazing lifestyle changes if they just reach a little beyond what they thought they could do.

Shaping your body mind and spirit is an extension of my belief that one cannot change the body without changing the mind. Beyond All Measures has evolved into a sanctuary for physical and personal development in harmony with the natural  organic processes of  balancing  your body mind and spirit.

“It is my hope that when you leave here your body,mind and spirit are balanced and  rejuvenated.”

With love and compassion to your health.

Cheryl Diamond-Murray