Vib Plate



Research shows the effects of mechanical vibration on the human body is very beneficial when frequencies  between 25 and 50 HZ are used.  This technology is ideal for people with health problems, rehabilitation, athletes and anyone who wants to lose weight or stay fit.


  • Slimming and Lipolytic Effect-our platform acts directly on fat and muscle mass causing a caloric expenditure and allowing the fats cell to release its contents.
  • Anti-Cellulite and Lymphatic Drainage-vibration  treats cellulite by moving, detaching and breaking the fat cell.  It acts simultaneously on the legs, buttocks and abdomen, allowing optimal lymphatic drainage.
  • Blood Circulation Improvement-the vibrating plate improves blood flow and helps to alleviate the feeling of  tired legs.
  • Cardiovascular Risk Reduction-clinical studies have shown that vibration reduces cholestrol and triglycerides levels.
  • Physical Condition Improvement-results are noticeable from the beginning and gradually the joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments and even the heart are strengthened.  The plate activates 60% more muscle fiber.
  • Functional Re-Education-the use of the plate allows the stimulation of muscles and is an excellent tool for assisting in rehabilitation of accidents or patients with decreased strength due to long term hospitalization.
  • Muscle Development-depending on the position on the plate, the machine can stimulate a group of muscles to strengthen them all.
  • Osteoporis-the stimulates the production of bone and circulation.

18 minute sessions- $20

25 Minute personal Training Session- $40

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